Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Shea Stadium: Flushing, Queens

Looks like someone missed, with everything!

Location: Field level, behind home the good seats.

Bowl: Soiled with piss and some weird sort of orange baby puke type liquid. The weird part is, the seat is up so does that mean someone was drunk enough to try and shit without the seat being down? 0/5

Area: This is probably the brightest bathroom I have ever used in a stadium and besides the bowl being nasty this place is shockingly clean. Around the bowl there is some remnants of people who had pee'd in the past but that is only expected. The only main problem with the area is that there are sight lines in the door to make things uncomfortable. 3/5

Intangibles: No real pluses to this bathroom but you did get many screaming wahoo's in here that make your ass clench when you just want to get rid of that sausage and pepper sandwich you ate at the beginning of the game. 1/5

Final Verdict: The toilet in this particular stall is an Aerial Drop but if you found a clean one it may not be too bad. Still with the noise and sight lines plus the game going on you may just want to do a quick In and Out at Shea Stadium.

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